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Terms & Conditions  


These terms and conditions apply between the person, firm, company or other entity specified on your booking form (“you” or “your”) and SPG Events North West



Your rapplication is an offer to SPG Events NW to attend an Event which is subject to our acceptance in writing (which may include (without limitation) email). A binding contract between SPG Events NW and you will only be formed when written confirmation of acceptance (“Confirmation” or “Confirmed”) is sent by SPG Events NW to you (whether or not it is received) using the contact details you provided at the time of registration. You should contact us if you have not received Confirmation within 7 days of your registration, but, in any event, if Confirmation is not sent within 14 days of us receiving your registration, your registration will be deemed to be accepted unless we notify you otherwise. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to refuse to accept your registration.


2.Payment of Your Fees

You will pay SPG Events NW any fees specified in your booking form for the Event (“your fees”). Payment of your fees must be received in full and in cleared funds by us from you within 7 days of the date of the invoice but in any event not later than  29 days before the Event. 50% of your fee is payable on booking to secure your space. If payment of your fees in full is not received before the Event, SPG Events NW may (at its sole discretion) either require such payment as a condition of your entry to the Event or refuse you entry to the Event. No refunds of any proportion of your fees already paid (if any) will be made and any balance of your fees will remain due and payable where entry to an Event is refused under this Condition 2.



All discounts can only be applied at the time of registration and discounts cannot be combined.



Prices for each Event, where applicable, are correct at the time of publication. SPG Events NW reserves the right to change the prices at any time but changes will not affect registrations which have already been confirmed by us.



SPG Events NW do not charge VAT

6.Cancellations / Refunds

You may cancel your registration in accordance with this Condition 6. You will receive a refund of your fees paid to SPG Events NW (if any):

(i) if you cancel your registration 60 days or more before the Event, subject to an administration charge equivalent to 20% of the total amount of your fees; or

(ii) if you cancel your registration less than 30 before the Event, subject to an administration charge equivalent to 30% of the total amount of your fees.

(iii) if you cancell an event within 21 days of the start of the event there will be no refunds

(iv)Refunds cannot be given on any event which has to be abandoned due to extreme weather conditions or for any other circumstances beyond our control.

7. Event Terms

  • NO Copyright items permitted at any event.

  • All stock if required, must have the correct CLP, CE or safety labelling attached to items. (i.e. wax melts, bath bombs, children’s items).

  • For food items, food hygiene rating must be displayed clearly on your table.

  • Display stands / stalls are to be manned during the trading hours of the event.  A maximum of 2 persons permitted per stall.

  • Stalls/stands must not be dismantled before event end time unless given permission to do so by SPG Events-NW

  • All insurance and or food documents must be provided before trading 

  • Any electrical items have a valid PAT certificate.

  • SPG Events-NW reserve the right to withdraw your application/stall from the event without prior notice.  In this event, no payments will be refunded.

  • Stands, displays and rails must be within your allocated space.  Any extra space will be chargeable.

  • SPG Events-NW are not responsible for and the security of the stands, property or personnel at any time.

  • Please notify SPG Events-NW if you wish to cancel your stand as there may be a waiting list.

  • You must keep your area clean and tidy and remove all rubbish at the end of each day.  Either take your rubbish home or use the nearest bins provided.

  • You need to provide your own table, Chair, Stand and rails. (and gazebos if for an outdoor event unless SPG Events-NW are providing)

  • Hand sanitisers must be visable on your stall at all times

  • Non recycable bags must be charged at the current fee of 10p per bag


SPG Events NW regrets that the full amount of your fee remains payable in the event that your cancellation is 14 days or less before the Event or if you fail to attend the Event. All cancellations must be sent by emal to For the avoidance of doubt telephone cancellations are not accepted. You acknowledge that the refund of your fees in accordance with Condition 6 is your sole remedy in respect of any cancellation of your registration by you and all other liability is expressly excluded.


Cancellations due to covid 19 are no longer exempt as isolation is no longer requred by law but by personal responsability.

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